it's a man's world

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it's a man's world

  1. Society is organized in a manner that gives preferential status to males; most positions of authority are occupied by men.
    • 1970 August 31, "Nation: Who's Come a Long Way, Baby?," Time (retrieved 7 July 2019):
      The real issue, says Fox, "is whether male and female roles are totally flexible and reversible." As far as Fox is concerned, the answer is no. Millett admits that " [] All I did was substantiate a cliche which we all know — that it's a man's world."
    • 1995 October 15, Lucy Ellmann, "It's a man's man's world," Independent (UK) (retrieved 7 July 2019):
      It's a man's world. But the fact that men dominate television makes it a kind of zoo in which to study them.
    • 2009 September 16, "Canada’s Best Professional Schools," Macleans (Canada) (retrieved 7 July 2019):
      Blame culture. Or genes. Or Dilbert. In engineering, it's a man's world — for now.
    • 2011 February 21, Bettina Wassener, "Women Still Face Barriers in Hong Kong," New York Times (retrieved 7 July 2019):
      "It's a man's world — the top echelons of politics and business here are all dominated by men," said Emily Lau.

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