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Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Italic *jougos (yoked team of animals), from Proto-Indo-European *yéwgos. The plural preserves the original consonant-stem forms (from an unattested singular *iūgus), while the singular was back-formed from the nominative-accusative plural as a 2nd declension noun.



iūgerum n (variously declined, genitive iūgerī); second declension, third declension

  1. (historical units of measure) A juger, a Roman unit of area.
    • ante 27 BC, M. Terentius Varro, Res Rusticae in Libri De Re Rustica (1514), bk I, ch. x, p. 29a:
      ILLE. Modos, ꝗbus metirentur rura, alius alios conſtituit. Na᷄ in Hiſpania ulteriore metiuntur iugis, in campania uerſibus, apud nos in agro Romano, ac latino iugeris.


Secondthird-declension hybrid neuter.

Case Singular Plural
nominative iūgerum iūgera
genitive iūgerī iūgerum
dative iūgerō iūgeribus
accusative iūgerum iūgera
ablative iūgerō iūgeribus
vocative iūgerum iūgera

1Once only, in:
M. Terentius Varro, Res Rusticae, bk I, ch. x




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