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From Classical Nahuatl xīcalli, which through Spanish also gave Portuguese xícara.


[2.] Decorated, hand-made jícaras from the Mexican state of Tabasco.


jícara f (plural jícaras)

  1. A small faience container used to serve hot chocolate or other hot beverages.
  2. (Latin America) A small, woody container, typically made from the fruit of the calabash tree (Crescentia cujete) or Mexican calabash (Crescentia alata) and used (especially in rural Mexico) to serve hot food in order to preserve its temperature.
  3. (Mexico, Central America, Philippines) calabash
  4. (El Salvador, Nicaragua, colloquial) head
  5. (Spain) Part, or square, of a flat chocolate bar, which can be broken off easily (especially in Andalusia and Murcia)

Derived terms[edit]


  • Portuguese: xícara


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