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Blend of jazz +‎ exercise, a trademark of the 1960s.


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jazzercise (uncountable)

  1. A form of aerobic exercise based on jazz dance.
    • 2004, Karin Slaughter, A Faint Cold Fear: A Novel‎, page 107:
      I don't know when the hearse is gonna be ready, and Mama has her Jazzercise on Mondays.
    • 2002, Jennifer Weiner, In Her Shoes: A Novel‎, page 136:
      Probably because when she got her period, her father had been so completely freaked out he'd left her in the bathroom, bleeding onto wadded-up toilet paper, for three hours, until Sydelle returned from her Jazzercise class with a box of sanitary napkins.
    • 1983, Belinda E. Puetz, Linda J. Shinn, Networking for Nurses: Intra and Interprofessional Relations‎, page 148:
      Denise reports that one of the members of her Jazzercise class works for City Hospital, where the nurses also are organized.

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