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Blend of sex +‎ exercise


sexercise (countable and uncountable, plural sexercises)

  1. Sexual exercise; the performance of sexual activity as a means of promoting health and fitness.
    • 2008 George Stowers, Straight Up, No Sippin' : Memoirs of Life and Work Onboard Mega Cruise Ships, p. 223:
      Now some choose to use sexercise to get rid of the weight, and those are the ones that every male crew member hopes to get and keep.
    • 1987, Lonnie Barbach, Erotic Interludes: Tales Told by Women‎, p. 128:
      It would lift me high above my obsession; only, this time I wouldn't be on an elevated sexercise mat or swimming in a plate of French cream sauce.
    • 1974, Juan Butler, Cabbagetown Diary: a Documentary‎, Page 140:
      Lot's of sexercise, eh?" He laughs again and it's obvious he's happy to see me.
  2. Exercise that is directed towards the improvement of sexual performance.
    • 1989, Herant A. Katchadourian, Fundamentals of Human Sexuality‎, p. 354:
      In addition, there are books on sexercise aimed at strengthening and promoting flexibility in muscles that are purported to be of special significance to sexual activity.
    • 1974, "Sexercises Swinging New Way To Strengthen Body", Jet, v. 46, no. 7, p. 44:
      Several women at a Chicago branch YWCA have taken a step that many more of their sisters might soon follow as participants in a sexercise program, which essentially is geared to strengthen the pelvic region with a series of somewhat strenuous but apparently effective exercises.

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