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jeer +‎ -er



jeerer (plural jeerers)

  1. One who jeers; a mocker.
    • 1631, Ben Jonson, The Staple of News, Act V, Scene 2, in The Works of Ben Jonson, London: G. & W. Nicol, Volume v, p. 305,[1]
      Fitton. Pox o’ these true jests, I say!
      Madrigal. He’ll turn the better jeerer.
    • 1658, John Bunyan, A Few Sighs from Hell, or the Groans of a Damned Soul, in The Works of John Bunyan, London: W. Johnston, 1767, 3rd edition, Volume I, p. 493,[2]
      [] what good will my vanities do, when death says he will have no nay? What good will all my companions, fellow-jesters, jeerers, liars, drunkards, and all my wantons do me? Will they help to ease the pains of hell?
    • 1891, Thomas Hardy, “The Marchioness of Stonehenge” in A Group of Noble Dames, New York: Harper & Bros., p. 130,[3]
      “Victory over such unkind jeerers would be sweet,” said Lady Caroline.
    • 1974, Anthony Burgess, Napoleon Symphony, New York: Knopf, Part II,
      On either side of the narrow way were massed laughers and jeerers.