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Borrowed from French gélatine.



jelatin (definite accusative jelatini, plural jelatinler)

  1. Gelatine; a protein derived through partial hydrolysis of the collagen extracted from animal skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments, etc. and used in pharmaceuticals, photography, and cosmetic manufacturing.
  2. a thin, colourless, brilliant plastic substance used for wrapping and packaging.


Nominative jelatin
Definite accusative jelatini
Singular Plural
Nominative jelatin jelatinler
Definite accusative jelatini jelatinleri
Dative jelatine jelatinlere
Locative jelatinde jelatinlerde
Ablative jelatinden jelatinlerden
Genitive jelatinin jelatinlerin
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
1st singular jelatinim jelatinlerim
2nd singular jelatinin jelatinlerin
3rd singular jelatini jelatinleri
1st plural jelatinimiz jelatinlerimiz
2nd plural jelatininiz jelatinleriniz
3rd plural jelatinleri jelatinleri
Definite accusative
Singular Plural
1st singular jelatinimi jelatinlerimi
2nd singular jelatinini jelatinlerini
3rd singular jelatinini jelatinlerini
1st plural jelatinimizi jelatinlerimizi
2nd plural jelatininizi jelatinlerinizi
3rd plural jelatinlerini jelatinlerini
Singular Plural
1st singular jelatinime jelatinlerime
2nd singular jelatinine jelatinlerine
3rd singular jelatinine jelatinlerine
1st plural jelatinimize jelatinlerimize
2nd plural jelatininize jelatinlerinize
3rd plural jelatinlerine jelatinlerine
Singular Plural
1st singular jelatinimde jelatinlerimde
2nd singular jelatininde jelatinlerinde
3rd singular jelatininde jelatinlerinde
1st plural jelatinimizde jelatinlerimizde
2nd plural jelatininizde jelatinlerinizde
3rd plural jelatinlerinde jelatinlerinde
Singular Plural
1st singular jelatinimden jelatinlerimden
2nd singular jelatininden jelatinlerinden
3rd singular jelatininden jelatinlerinden
1st plural jelatinimizden jelatinlerimizden
2nd plural jelatininizden jelatinlerinizden
3rd plural jelatinlerinden jelatinlerinden
Singular Plural
1st singular jelatinimin jelatinlerimin
2nd singular jelatininin jelatinlerinin
3rd singular jelatininin jelatinlerinin
1st plural jelatinimizin jelatinlerimizin
2nd plural jelatininizin jelatinlerinizin
3rd plural jelatinlerinin jelatinlerinin

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