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From Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667), a clergyman and writer of theology, -ic +‎ -ally.


jeremitaylorically (comparative more jeremitaylorically, superlative most jeremitaylorically)

  1. (nonce word) Like Jeremy Taylor or his prose style; solemn, elaborate, ornate.
    • 1818, Thomas Love Peacock, Nightmare Abbey
      He sate with "his eye in a fine frenzy rolling," and turned his inspired gaze on Marionetta as if she had been the ghastly ladie of a magical vision; then placed his hand before his eyes, with an appearance of manifest pain — shook his head — withdrew his hand — rubbed his eyes, like a waking man — and said, in a tone of ruefulness most jeremitaylorically pathetic, "To what am I to attribute this very unexpected pleasure, my dear Miss O'Carroll?"
    • 1960, Frank Percy Wilson, Seventeenth Century Prose
      I find his beauties cloying and his style too jeremitaylorically purple.