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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Arabic جِلْبَاب (jilbāb), from Ge'ez ግልባብ (gəlbab, covering, veil, wrapper), from ገልበበ (gälbäbä, to cover, to veil, to wrap, to envelop).


jilbab (plural jilbabs or jalabib)

  1. A long, loose-fitting coat or similar garment worn by some Muslim women to fulfil hijab.
    • 2009 July 3, Norimitsu Onishi, “A Political Symbol, Demurely Worn, Emerges in Indonesia”, in New York Times[1]:
      Most Indonesian women started wearing the jilbab in the last decade, after the fall in 1998 of President Suharto, who had kept a close grip on Islamic groups.


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