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jumbo +‎ -ize


jumboize (third-person singular simple present jumboizes, present participle jumboizing, simple past and past participle jumboized)

  1. (nautical) To lengthen a ship replacing an existing section with a longer section or inserting an additional section.
    • 1945, Atlantic Refining Company, Annual Report, The Company:
      The replacement and enlargement of the entire cargo section, commonly called "jumboizing," of one of the smaller American-flag tankers, now under bareboat charter to the Company, was completed in September.
    • 1953, Minnesota. Legislature. Commission on Taxation of Iron Ore, Report Submitted to the Minnesota Legislature:
      This year the Great Lakes fleet will have four so-called "jumboized" ocean tanks with mid-body sections built in Europe and towed across the Atlantic Ocean and joined to salvaged bow and stern sections.
    • 2009, Kirk W. House, Around Hornell, Arcadia Publishing, page 114:
      Named for the river, the Canisteo was commissioned in 1945 and "jumboized" (increased in size and capacity) in 1967.