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Alternative forms[edit]


just folks pl (plural only)

  1. (idiomatic, sometimes used as if singular) Ordinary, unpretentious people; an ordinary, unpretentious person.
    • 1913, Eleanor H. Porter, The Sunbridge Girls at Six Star Ranch, ch. 21:
      "You still think they come all boxed, sorted, and labeled, do you?" he said. "And that they aren't ‘just folks’ at all?"
      "Yes, I still think so. They never seem a bit like ‘folks’ to me. It's their business to sit up there stiff and solemn and stern."
    • 1999, John Updike, Bech at Bay, ISBN 9780449004043, p. 24 (Google preview):
      He was happy . . . to be going out to a restaurant without having to sign books or talk to students about Whitman and Melville. . . . Idolized Bech loved, at the end of a long day impersonating himself, being just folks.
    • 2005 Jan. 11, Ruth La Ferla, "What the First Lady Will Wear," New York Times (retrieved 4 Dec 2012):
      "She has gone from being just folks to being a bit imperial, assuming a bit more of a queenly role," said Ms. Allgor.
  2. (idiomatic, attributively, sometimes hyphenated) Unpretentious, informal, down-to-earth.

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