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Old French[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Latin iūstitia.


justise f (oblique plural justises, nominative singular justise, nominative plural justises)

  1. revenge; retribution
    • 12th Century, Béroul, Tristan et Iseut:
      Sire, tu veus faire justise[?]
      Sire, do you want your revenge?
  2. justice (legal or moral)
    • 13th century, Unknown, La Vie de Saint Laurent, page 10, column 1, line 6:
      Ou de ton cors ferai justise
      Or I will have justice upon your body
  3. fairness; equality
  4. judge
    • 12th Century, Marie de France, Lai d'Équitan:
      D'Equitan que mut fu curteis,
      Sire de nauns, jostise e reis.
      Of Equitan, who was very noble
      Lord of the dwarves, judge and king.

Related terms[edit]