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From kəs- (to cut) +‎ -kin.


kəskin (comparative daha kəskin, superlative ən kəskin)

  1. sharp (various senses)
    1. sharp (able to cut easily)
      Synonym: iti
    2. sharp, abrupt (sudden and intense)
    3. sharp (intelligent, intellectually well-developed)
    4. sharp (piercing; keen; severe; painful)
  2. (medicine) acute
    1. (of an abnormal condition of recent or sudden onset, in contrast to delayed onset)
    2. (of a short-lived condition, in contrast to a chronic condition; this sense also does not imply severity)
      Antonym: xroniki
  3. critical (likely to go out of control if disturbed, that is, opposite of stable)
  4. harsh, rigorous
    Synonym: sərt

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