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  • Hyphenation: ka‧tzet‧nik


From Yiddish, (KZ-nik, Kazetnik, Katsetnik, ק. צטניק (k. tstnik)) (Yiddish for inmate of a Nazi concentration camp); derived from the abbreviation KZ (pronounced as Kah-Tzet) for the German word Konzentrationslager by the addition of the suffix -nik of Slavic origin, which approximately corresponds to the English suffix "-er".


ka-tzetnik m (plural ka-tzetniks)

  1. An inmate of a Nazi concentration camp.

Usage notes[edit]

One Holocaust survivor, writer-historian Yehiel De-Nur, wrote his books under the identity Ka-Tzetnik 135633; documenting the time he spent in Auschwitz.