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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek κακός (kakós, bad) +‎ -cracy.


kakocracy (usually uncountable, plural kakocracies)

  1. (dated, uncommon) Rule or government by the worst of the people.
    • 1845, "Topics of the Day," The Spectator, vol. 18, p. 205 (Google preview):
      [T]he degrading sentiments of the mere rabble are unblushingly avowed in their Legislature. The constitution of the United States seems on the eve of changing from a democracy—for demos elevates the whole people—to a kakocracy.
    • 1890, Rev. J. C. Fernald, "Perils of the City," Statesman, vol. 7, p. 241 (Google preview):
      In other words, we have developed a kakocracy, or government by the worst.

Related terms[edit]