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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Byzantine Greek κατοῦνα (katoûna, soldier's tent, tent camp).[1][2] Orel derives it as compound of ka (out, from) and tund (to shake, dangle), supposedly a calque of South Slavic *kolyba (hut), folk-etymologized from *kolybati (to shake);[3] however, Slavic is actually a loan from Ancient Greek καλύβη (kalúbē).


katund m (indefinite plural katunde, definite singular katundi, definite plural katundet)

  1. village
    Gjithmonë kanë jetuar në katund.
    They have always lived in the village.
  2. (historical) community of herdsmen
  3. (historical) widely spread-out village
  4. (Arvanitic) henhouse; disarray


Derived terms[edit]


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