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Related to Estonian kabi, Votic kabja.



  1. (zoology) hoof (thick keratin covering of the tip of a toe of an ungulate)
  2. The hoof of an odd-toed ungulate


Inflection of kavio (Kotus type 3/valtio, no gradation)
nominative kavio kaviot
genitive kavion kavioiden
partitive kaviota kavioita
illative kavioon kavioihin
singular plural
nominative kavio kaviot
accusative nom. kavio kaviot
gen. kavion
genitive kavion kavioiden
partitive kaviota kavioita
inessive kaviossa kavioissa
elative kaviosta kavioista
illative kavioon kavioihin
adessive kaviolla kavioilla
ablative kaviolta kavioilta
allative kaviolle kavioille
essive kaviona kavioina
translative kavioksi kavioiksi
instructive kavioin
abessive kaviotta kavioitta
comitative kavioineen

Usage notes[edit]

The word kavio refers in common language to the hoof of an odd-toed ungulate. The hoof of an even-toed ungulate (cloven hoof) is sorkka in Finnish.

Derived terms[edit]