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key +‎ cap


keycap (plural keycaps)

  1. The part of a key (on a keyboard) that is pressed by the user, as opposed to any electromechanical unit underneath.
    • 1985, Keith Rathmill, Robotic Assembly
      A two-station robotic assembly system for inserting keycaps into keyboard arrays has been designed and constructed.
    • 2003, Michael Miller, Absolute Beginner's Guide to Upgrading and Fixing Your PC
      If necessary, remove the keycaps to clean the switches underneath.
    • 2007, Glen E Clarke, Ed Tetz, CompTIA A+ Certification All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies
      Adding heat can cause even further damage to the keyboard. You can disassemble some keyboard models by removing the keycaps and the case screws...