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Alternative forms[edit]


kick the can ‎(uncountable)

  1. A game played by children, similar to tag.
    • 2003, Anne Lamott, Joe Jones, Shoemaker & Hoard Publishers, ISBN 1593760035, page 188:
      Her house is ... in a middle-class neighborhood where kids would meet in the schoolyard on summer nights for kick the can, where Good Humor and doughnut truck men still come by.
    • 2005, Dee Henderson, The Protector, Tyndale House Publishers, ISBN 1414310595, page 96:
      "Did you ever play Kick the Can when you were a kid?"
    • 2005, Mark Jonathan Harris, Come the Morning, Wayne State University Press, ISBN 0814332412, page 52:
      "How about kick the can?" Ben suggested, spotting an empty beer can on the sidewalk.


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