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kid stuff (uncountable) (chiefly US; British form chiefly kids' stuff)

  1. (informal) Something done by, used by, or characteristic of immature people, especially children.
    • 1993 Dec. 16, Patricia Davis, "Does Johnny Have a Gun?," Washington Post (retrieved 28 June 2017):
      The scene on television is of a boy's bedroom. The camera pans slowly across ageless kid stuff: baseball cards, posters, clumps of dirty laundry.
    • 2007 Nov. 23, Jack Wilcox, "Hawking Night In Canada," The Star (Toronto, Canada) (retrieved 28 June 2017):
      If spitting is supposed to scare the opponent, it fails miserably. . . . It's not only unhealthy and silly, it's schoolyard kid stuff.
    • 2016 Jan. 9, Sarah Thompson, "'Why I'd support my daughter if she wanted to be a single mum like me'," Telegraph (UK) (retrieved 28 June 2017):
      The kids know we are both there and committed to them, and they don’t live in a warzone. They seem happy, have friendships, do kid stuff.
  2. (informal) Something that is easy to do or easy to understand.
    • 1949 January, John D. MacDonald , "Three's a Shroud" in New Detective (republished as "Verdict" in More Good Old Stuff, →ISBN, 2014):
      It's kid stuff to barrel along in a car like a big shot. I kept the needle right on fiftyfive.
    • 2006 Sept. 17, Susan Morse, "In the Tetons, Claws for Concern," Washington Post (retrieved 28 June 2017):
      For our second Teton expedition, we decide, enough with the kid stuff. We settle on a six-mile hike up to Taggart and Bradley lakes
    • 2010 Feb. 1, Henry Fountain, "Science: Up in the Air, and Down, With a Twist," New York Times (retrieved 28 June 2017):
      If a skier just holds his body still, the rotational momentum will result in a triple flip in layout, or nontwisting, position. While it looks death-defying, that kind of jump is kid stuff to a judge.