kidney belt

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A type of kidney belt


kidney belt (plural kidney belts)

  1. A wide belt sometimes worn by weight lifters, motorcyclists, manual laborers, and others who are liable to experience stress in the lower back region, for the purpose of providing lumbar support.
    • 1977, Michael K. Orbach, Hunters, Seamen, and Entrepreneurs, →ISBN, p. 91 (Google preview):
      Around his midsection the driver wears a "kidney belt" — a wide, heavy elastic belt — to protect his internal organs and back from the jarring he will encounter.
    • 1999 Dec. 1, "A Girl, 7, Leads the Pack on Dirt Bikes," New York Times (retrieved 5 Jan 2014):
      As a safety precaution, Mr. Markellon and his wife, Dawn, have purchased protective gear for Marissa that includes not only a helmet, but chest protector, kidney belt and kneepads as well.
    • 2013 Dec. 12, Andrew Trotman, "How it feels to hurtle down an Olympic bobsleigh run," Telegraph (UK) (retrieved 5 Jan 2014):
      I was also wearing a very tight “kidney belt” that helped protect my organs from “feeling like they have been punched by a boxer”.