kidney punch

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Alternative forms[edit]


kidney punch (plural kidney punches)

  1. A blow struck with the fist to the lower back region, capable of causing serious internal injury and not permitted under the rules of boxing.
    • 1938 June 22, James P. Dawson, "Fight, Might and Whata Right!," New York Times (retrieved 6 Jan 2014):
      Following the bout, Schmeling said he was fouled. He said that he was hit a kidney punch, a devastating right, which so shocked his nervous system that he was dazed and his vision was blurred
    • 1991 Sept. 22, "What Happened To Advertising," Businessweek (retrieved 6 Jan 2014):
      These fees have ballooned. . . . That has hit advertising like a kidney punch.
    • 2007 Nov. 4, "Awesome Calzaghe sets sights on Hopkins superfight," London Evening Standard (UK) (retrieved 6 Jan 2014):
      When the champion landed a vicious left-handed kidney punch early in the fourth, Azzaoui crumpled to the canvas.

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kidney punch (third-person singular simple present kidney punches, present participle kidney punching, simple past and past participle kidney punched)

  1. To deliver such a blow.