knock down to size

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knock down to size (third-person singular simple present knocks down to size, present participle knocking down to size, simple past and past participle knocked down to size)

  1. Alternative form of cut down to size
    • 2006, Shannon McKenna, Out Of Control:
      “Watch it with the delirious power trips, pal,” she warned him. “Keep it up, and I'll have to knock you back down to size."
    • 2013, Jerry Dennis, It's Raining Frogs and Fishes:
      The world is untamed and untameable. Wind, rain, and lightning knock us down to size.
    • 2015, Jimmy R. Watson, Big Jesus: A Pastor’s Struggle with Christology, page 49:
      My experience as a minister for twenty-five years has informed me that most people have inherited from their faith tradition a gigantic Jesus of epic proportions. I am almost hesitant to knock him down to size, and if I thought he truly was coming back as a 5'1" man with unlimited powers, I would probably keep my mouth shut.