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komandants m (1st declension, feminine form: komandante)

  1. (military) army commandant, officer in charge (of an army group, or of a military installation or facility)
    cietokšņa komandantsfortress commandant
    iecelt komandantuto appoint a commandant
  2. (military) commander, officer responsible for proper execution of guard duty and for the discipline of soldiers in public places
    pilsētas komandantscity commandant
    garnizona komandantsgarrison commander
    nometnes komandantscamp commandant
  3. superintendent or administrator of a building belonging to a public or educational institution
    skolas kopmītnes komandantssuperintendent of the school dormitory
    sporta pilsētiņas komandantssuperintendent of the sports dormitory


Derived terms[edit]