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From Ancient Greek κρᾰ́τος (krátos, strength, might) +‎ -cracy.


kratocracy (plural kratocracies)

  1. A government established by seizure utilizing force or deceit with rule maintained by strength.[1][2][3]
    • 1950, Wm. Pepperell Montague, Great Visions of Philosophy: Varieties of Speculative Thought in the West from the Greeks to Bergson, page 109:
      [] as the cover for plutocracy is replaced by timocracy and by the one-man kratocracy which we call dictatorship.
    • 2012, Cory Blad, Banu Koçer, Political Islam and State Legitimacy in Turkey: The Role of National Culture in Neoliberal State-Building in International Political Sociology, volume 6, page 36:
      To many outside observers, Turkey is a unique country that seems perpetually balancing on a steep precipice between kratocracy and democracy, between Islam and capitalism, or even more melodramatically, between East and West.
    • In Praise of a Roman-American Rhapsody in 2013 (originally 1997), Francis Boni, A Life Song Between Two Worlds: Revised and Expanded, iUniverse LLC, page 37:
      For, without its feeling of compassion, a kratocracy, []

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