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From earlier *kreiv-, from a Slavic stem *kriv-, which has the same source as Latvian kreiss ‎(left) (q.v.). At first this was the name of a Baltic tribe that lived in the area near Pskov, an area also inhabited by many Slavs (ancestors of today's Russians), who were likewise called “kriviči” (Old East Slavic кривичи ‎(kriviči)). Old Latvians (initially Latgalians) therefore used the name *kreivi > krievi to refer not only to the neighboring Baltic tribe, but also to their Slavic neighbors, and later on generalized it to all Russians.[1]




krievs m (1st declension, feminine form: krieviete)

  1. a Russian, a Russian man, a man from Russia or of Russian descent
    sarunāties ar krievu — to talk with a Russian
    krievi ir skaitliski lielākā slāvu tauta — the Russians are numerically the largest Slavic people
  2. (genitive plural) Russian, pertaining to Russia and its people
    krievu valoda — the Russian language
    krievu literatūraRussian literature
    krievu mākslaRussian art


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