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Named for Igor Kurchatov, +‎ -ium.


kurchatovium (uncountable)

  1. (physics) A rejected name for rutherfordium.
    • 1973, V. I. Gol'danskii and S. M. Polikanov, The Transuranium Elements (trans. J. E. S. Bradley), p. 113:
      Research on the production and properties of kurchatovium isotopes has continued; Ghiorso et al. exposed Cf249 to C12 and C13 ions to produce two new α-active isotopes of kurchatovium (which they called rutherfordium, Rf) having A fo 257 and 259, the T1/2 being 4.5 and 3 sec respectively.
    • 1974, Oganessian, Y. T. et al., Synthesis of neutron-deficient isotopes of fermium, kurchatovium and element 106
    • 1975, A. M. Petrosiants, From Scientific Search to Atomic Industry, p. 52:
      Kurchatovium-260 was obtained by bombarding a target of plutonium-242 with accelerated neon-22 ions. As to its chemical properties, kurchatovium differs from actinide elements but is close to hafnium.