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Alternative forms[edit]


labialize +‎ -ation or labial +‎ -ization


labialization (countable and uncountable, plural labializations)

  1. (phonology) A secondary articulatory feature of usually consonants that involves the contraction or rounding of the lips (labia) during pronunciation.
    • 1935, Bernard Bloch, American Speech:
      These labialized stops are of course nothing but positionally determined allophones of the [t] and the [k] phoneme, and their labialization is non-distinctive
    • 2013, Bülent Gül; Ferruh Ağca; Faruk Gökçe, editors, Bengü Bitig. Dursun Yıldırım Armağanı[1], page 551:
      The second question concerns the reasons for the labialization of this suffix in [1.3] - in the case of artukluk one immediately thinks of an assimilation (*u - ı > u - u)


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