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From lady +‎ -ling. Compare lordling.


ladyling (plural ladylings)

  1. A young, petite, or unimportant lady.
    • 1803, John Bristed, The adviser:
      I now found what was the stimulus proper to excite and arouse fashionable people, such as lordlings and ladylings, for of both had I specimens, was a row of card-tables, to which, after swallowing a cup of tea, [...]
    • 1833, New monthly magazine - Volume 38 - Page 346:
      All the rest of the place is detestable. But none of these once favourite receptacles have been blest by violent overflows — at least, of visiters — this year. No ; — my lord and my lady, and my lordling and my ladyling, all go abroad: [...]
    • 1904, Mosher's magazine:
      I bid them dance, I bid them sing, For the limpid glance Of my ladyling; For the gift to the Spring of a dewier Spring, For God's good grace of this ladyling!