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From Ancient Greek λάλος (lálos) + -o- +‎ -pathy.


lalopathy (plural lalopathies)

  1. (pathology, rare) Any speech disorder.
    • 1877, Hugo Ziemssen, ‎Albert Henry Buck, ‎George Livingston Peabody, Cyclopædia of the Practice of Medicine - Volume 14, page 613:
      Conversely a correct thought may be defectively expressed, but as soon as the formation of thoughts is disturbed it becomes a question of dyslogia and logopathy, or, as some would say, of logoneurosis, since every movement of thought takes place through the nerve-substance. The two ideas of logoneurosis and lalopathy consequently do not cover each other.
    • 1913, Medical Record, page 615:
      Stammering. stuttering, apthongia, spasmodic hesitation. and “nervous speech” belong to the domain of lalopathy.
    • 1943, Géza Róheim, The origin and function of culture, page 231:
      As for the symptom of brain metastasis, dyskinesia showed the highest incidence, being seen in 5 cases (56%), followed by headache, nausea, lalopathy, dysopia and aystaria.
    • 1974, Psychopharmacology Abstracts, page 697:
      Myasthenoid syndrome (somnolence, hypotonia, ataxy, lalopathy) due to acute intentional poisoning with 0.250g of Diazepan was observed in a child.