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From Larus +‎ -oid.


laroid (comparative more laroid, superlative most laroid)

  1. (zoology) Of, pertaining to, or having characteristics of the gull family, Laridae.
    • 1888, Friedrich von Hellwald, The Riverside Natural History, Volume 4, page 83,
      We now come to a small group of Laroid birds, remarkable for their curious bill, the lower mandible of which has been compared with a "short-handled pitchfork," and for their long wings, viz., the skimmers, the Rhynchopinæ, not less remarkable for their peculiar habits and their geographical distribution, parts of America, Asia, and Africa being inhabited by one species each.
    • 1899, The Ibis, page 406,
      The whole form of the skull is, indeed, essentially Laroid, and quite unlike that of the Kingfishers;