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From LaserJet, a trademark of Hewlett-Packard, from laser + jet; compare inkjet.


laserjet (plural laserjets)

  1. (neologism) A laser printer.
    • 1994, Dennis V. Damp, The Book of U.S. Government Jobs, page 88:
      The application, form and all, can be printed on hundreds of printers including inkjet and laserjets.
    • 2000, Phyllis Davis, The GIMP for Linux and Unix: for linux and unix, page 282:
      Printers, such as inkjets and laserjets, typically print at resolutions ranging from 300 to 720 dots per inch (dpi).
    • 2004 November 14, “Business Tools: Miniature copier is a jack of all trades”, in Times Online:
      the Samsung SCX-4100 compares well with other small, desktop laserjets and you get a copier and scanner thrown in.
    • 2004, Bill Hurter, The Best of Digital Wedding Photography‎, page 85:
      Profiles are available for inkjets, dye-subs, and small event printers (Sony); Kodak- and 8600-series printers; Fuji Pictography printers; RA-4 printers (Light Jet, Durst Lambda/Epsilon, Fuji Frontier, Noritsu QSS, Gretag Sienna, Kodak LED, Agfa D-Lab, etc.); color laserjets; and thermal printers.
    • 2008, Adam Corres, Raffles and the Match-Fixing Syndicate‎:
      Did you know that the famous computer printer companies can sell their laserjets, inkjets and dot printers at under production cost?
    • 2009 March 27, “Inside HP's Ink Jet Cartridge Recycling Process”, in InformationWeek:
      HP aims to improve energy efficiency of its inkjet and laserjet printers 40% by 2011 and to triple its use of recycled material in inkjet products by 2011.