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An engine powered walk-behind rotary lawnmower.

Alternative forms[edit]


From lawn +‎ mower.



lawnmower (plural lawnmowers)

  1. A device used for cutting grass to a chosen height, typically of landscaped lawns of residences or institutions.
    We replaced our old electric lawnmower with a new cordless one.
    • 1877, Queensland. Dept. of Public Instruction, Report of the Secretary for Public Instruction
      It is only a small school, but this year the committee has expended £105 in reforming the garden, painting the fences, making a tennis court and lawn, purchasing a lawnmower etc.
    • 1912, O. Henry, Rolling Stones
      here was an ordinary man out of the city directory that subscribes for magazines and pushes the lawnmower in his shirt-sleeves of evenings.
  2. A person who landscapes and in particular mows lawns.
    We hired a third lawnmower for the spring and summer.
  3. (preceded by definite article) A dance move in which the dancer mimics using a push mower by pulling the starter cord and then pushing the mower forwards.