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From laze +‎ -en (verbal suffix).


lazen (third-person singular simple present lazens, present participle lazening, simple past and past participle lazened)

  1. (rare, nonstandard, transitive, intransitive) To make or become lazed or lazy
    • 1912, Harry Plunket Greene, Interpretation in Song, page 72:
      Both words and music demand such a broadening or "lazening" of the phrase; the voice fades off into a sleepy whisper, while the accompanist plays as though his fingers could not keep their eyes open any longer!
    • 2008, Will Roth, The World of 1950: The End of Innocence, page 27:
      And the summer heat, that windless, unrelieved, lazening, city heat also helped content me with this lone achievement.
    • 2013, Michele Bigness, Planting Seeds on Concrete, page 62:
      What this means is the education needed to allow the soul, that truly needs, has eliminated and forfeited the resource creating the dependency of the soul to lazen the effort, becoming expectant with the hand open for the continual gesture of misfortune.

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  • Rhymes: -aːzən



  1. plural past indicative and subjunctive of lezen