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From Old French and Anglo-Norman lecherie. See lecher.



lechery (countable and uncountable, plural lecheries)

  1. Inordinate indulgence in sexual activity.
    • 1916 March, “Criticisms and Notes: Burgess: The Reconciliation of Government with Liberty”, in American Ecclesiastical Review, volume LIV, number 3, Philadelphia: The Dolphin Press, pages 373–374:
      Again we read at page 174: “Instead of the Universal Roman Catholic Church there existed after 1650 the National Catholic Churches of Spain, France, Austria, Poland, etc. more subject to the Royal supremacy than to the Papal, not, however, so completely as in England.” This is obviously an exaggeration. There never existed in the countries mentioned, least of all in Spain, any National Catholic Church. There would not have existed any such contradictorially-named organization even in England had it not been for the lechery of Henry VIII. Other similar misstatements might be noticed here and there. The author's intention, however, to be just is patent and his success in this respect is noteworthy.


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