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From Old Irish leithet, from the same root as lethan (broad, wide) (from Proto-Celtic *ɸlitanos).



leithead m (genitive singular leithid, nominative plural leithid)

  1. width, breadth
    leithead boisepalm’s breath
    ar a leitheadalong its breadth
    dhá leithead an tí seo de bhlúire prátaía potato patch twice the width of this house
    áit a ghabhfadh leithead mo dhá bhonna place wide enough to put my two feet on
    Cuir leithead eile sa ngúna.
    Put another width in the dress.
    1. area, space, of certain width
    2. latitude
    3. piece of cloth of certain width
      Cas leithead éigin aniar ort ón mbáisteach.
      Wrap a width of cloth around you on account of the rain.
    4. (winnowing-)sheet
  2. overweening pride, conceit, importance


Derived terms[edit]

  • ar leithead (wide, in width)
  • leitheadach (broad, wide; of wide range, of great extent; widespread, prevalent; conceited, vain, self-important, adjective)
  • leitheadach (width of cloth, sheet; winnowing-sheet; broad, noun)
  • leitheadas (conceit, arrogance)
  • leithead mór (broadcloth)

Related terms[edit]