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From lētum (death; ruin) +‎ -ālis.



lētālis (neuter lētāle); third declension

  1. lethal, deadly, fatal, mortal
    • ca. 1129, Henricus Huntindoniensis, Historia Anglorum [1], ed. Thomas Arnold, 1879, p. 194:
      Quem cum bello caesum patri renuntiassent, ait: "Recepitne vulnus letale in anteriori vel posteriori corporis parte?" Dixerunt nuntii: "In anteriori."
      And when they had reported his death during the battle to his father, he said: "Did he receive the lethal blow on the front or the back of his body?" The messengers said: "In the front."
    • 2007, Carolus Petreius Bogotensis, Niponum gallinae probantur viru aviarii morbi contactae [2], Ephemeris, 2007:
      Biologici Nipones affirmant virus H5N1 {...} esse letale.
      Japanese biologists confirm that the H5N1 virus {...} is lethal.


Third declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
nominative lētālis lētāle lētālēs lētālia
genitive lētālis lētālium
dative lētālī lētālibus
accusative lētālem lētāle lētālēs, lētālīs lētālia
ablative lētālī lētālibus
vocative lētālis lētāle lētālēs lētālia

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