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lipo- +‎ -phobia


lipophobia (uncountable)

  1. A fear of dietary fat.
    • 1998, Harvey A Levenstein, Seductive journey: American tourists in France from Jefferson to the Jazz Age
      The new generation avoided fixed itineraries, stayed in cheap hotels or hostels, and (unaffected by the lipophobia of later generations) lived on bread, cheese, and paté.
    • 2002, Jane Dixon, The Changing Chicken: Chooks, Cooks and Culinary Culture
      The most audacious example of chicken meat being used to position a company comes with Kentucky Fried Chicken's rebirth as KFC in 1993; the primary purpose of which was to lose its image as the 'fried food king'. Once again, both the 1980s lipophobia movement and the broad consumer movement can claim the credit.
    • 2012, Ellyn Satter, How to Get Your Kid to Eat: But Not Too Much (page 135)
      They can be as prone to lipophobia (the irrational fear of fat) as the population as a whole.

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