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Alternative forms[edit]


little old (not comparable)

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see little,‎ old.
    A little old lady.
    This joke is getting a little old.
  2. (US, idiomatic, informal) Emphatically, affectionately, or humorously little; ordinary or harmless (especially when trying to downplay the importance of something).
    How about a little old game of pool?
    And now, this little old child is going to bed.
    Just one little old poker game now and then, that's not gambling.
    • 1909, Rowland Thomas, The Little Gods, p. 280:
      You brought the best little old news you'll ever tote. Secretario, if you never promulgate worse news than that, you'll boost your circulation a thousand a day.
    • 1915, Roy K. Moulton, "On the Spur of the Moment: Appearances", in The Day (New London), 14 August 1915, p. 9:
      They found afterward to their regret that he was the finest little old poker player that ever struck the village and he carried away a suitcase of yellow-backed bills.
    • 1949, Walt Kelly, Pogo (comic strip), 16 May 1949:
      [Pogo:] I'm takin' care of this li'l' ol' backward child.
    • 1976, Richard West, "The Best of Texas", in Texas Monthly, Vol. 4, No. 7, p. 103:
      We Texans have always bragged about having the best little old this and the best little old that.
    • 1992, Henry I. Christ, Building Power in Reading, p. 131:
      Well, you nice people, I'm going to let you in on a secret and show you why this kitchen knife is the best little ole product you can get.
    • 1995, Rose Clayton (ed.), Elvis Up Close: In the Words of Those Who Knew Him Best, p. 13:
      Christine Roberts Presley: Elvis was the best little ol' thing. He was so polite.
    • 1999, New York Times, "College Basketball: Men's Roundup; Jarvis Keeps His Focus on Tough Road Ahead":
      While still marveling over the magnificent overtime victory his team had over St. John's Sunday, Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski turned immediately to worrying about what was ahead. [...] Duke plays a little old game against North Carolina tonight.
    • 2010, J. Cole, Friday Night Lights (mixtape), "You Got It" lyrics:
      Last time I seen you, you was a little old girl / I had a crush now we grown and we still so thorough

Usage notes[edit]

Used more often (and in more constructions) in the Southern United States.


Derived terms[edit]