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From live +‎ -cast, from broadcast.


livecast (plural livecasts)

  1. A webcast that is streamed live, often combined with an integrated chat forum for those watching.
    • 2006, Jeffrey S. Brown, Susan L. Thomas, & J. Peter Bruzzese, CIW Site and E-Commerce Design Study Guide, →ISBN:
      Livecasts demonstrate the benefit of streaming technology. Listening to a one-hour livecast that is streamed to the user can be compared to a radio. As the livecast happens, it is streamed down and then becomes history.
    • 2012, Paula Guran, Brave New Love, →ISBN:
      “The locals are showing this,” she whispered. “Look, they're going to arrest us on livecast.”
    • 2015, Dan S. Kennedy & Kim Walsh-Phillips, No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing, →ISBN, page 244:
      GKIC Insider's Circle has developed a brilliant way to create products. It invites people to attend a livecast for free. The livecast is then recorded and sold during the program. It uses the sales funnel as the product. It also sells a product and membership during the livecast opt-in process that more than covers its production costs. And it can retarget anyone who opts in with future offers.
    • 2016, Robert Peckham, Epidemics in Modern Asia, →ISBN, page 40:
      Noticeboards, discussion forums, chat rooms, livecasts, and blogs function as focal sites where views are exchanged, information imparted, and narratives about epidemics constructed.


livecast (third-person singular simple present livecasts, present participle livecasting, simple past and past participle livecast or livecasted)

  1. To create and broadcast a livecast.
    • 2005, International Monetary Fund, Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, →ISBN, page 18:
      For the first time, a joint press conference at the conclusion of the ECCU regional discussions was held at the ECCB and was livecast simultaneously to the press in all eight ECCU member jurisdictions (including Anguilla and Montserrat, the two non-Fund member territories of the United Kingdom).
    • 2010, Brian Solis, Engage, →ISBN:
      Services such as Qik and Mogulus also allow for livecasting, in addition to offering the ability to broadcast video and support chatroom functionality from a mobile phone.
    • 2010, Lon Safko, The Social Media Bible, →ISBN:
      Livecasting isn't for everyone, but those who livecast are passionate about it. My friend Jody Gnant livecasted her life for nine full months, 24/7.
    • 2013, Louisa S. Ha & Richard J. Ganahl, Webcasting Worldwide: Business Models of an Emerging Global Medium, →ISBN:
      Saycast enables members to livecast their own music selection to a wider audience while chatting.
    • 2015, Al Robertson, Crashing Heaven, →ISBN:
      He livecasts all this to warn people what happens without gods.

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