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Derived from a Czechoslovakian word which roughly means "headache" or "hangover", the expression "lomcevak" originated from the Moravia region, famous for its Jelinek slivovitz, a traditional Czechoslovakian alcohol, and is commonly used to describe the rotating motions of one who has had one too many. The English use originates from Czechoslovakian aerobatic pilot Ladislav Bezák's mechanic, who at a 1958 air show in Brno, Czechoslovakia, jokingly called Bezák's tumble manoeuvres "Lomcevaks" when asked by journalists what they were.


lomcevak ‎(plural lomcevaks)

  1. An aerobatic flying manoeuvre in which the pilot follows a knife-edge roll by flipping the airplane end-over-end and into a spin, from which the pilot then recovers control of the airplane.