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From Middle English lousy, lowsy, lousi, equivalent to louse +‎ -y.



lousy (comparative lousier, superlative lousiest)

  1. Remarkably bad; of poor quality, dirty, or underhanded; mean, contemptible.
    No offense, but his cooking is lousy.
  2. Infested with lice.
  3. (colloquial, usually with with) Filled or packed (with something, usually bad).
    The place was lousy with students.
    She's lousy with credit cards, goes shopping every day!
    • 2016, Rick Riordan, The Hammer of Thor, page 6:
      [I talked to] Annabeth about the Greek gods who hung out in New York and made her life difficult. Apparently North America was lousy with ancient gods. We had a full-blown infestation.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Considered an offensive insult prior to World War II, implying filthiness. Now considered a mild or rather dated term.

Derived terms[edit]

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