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Named around 1810 for the sense of unity its use brought.


loving cup (plural loving cups)

  1. A large cup with two or more handles, passed around for all to drink from; a ceremonial version of such a cup awarded as a trophy.
    • 1915 May, The Crisis, volume 10, number 1, whole number 55, 294:
      Each Branch of Local remitting not less than $50 and under $100 in memberships and subscriptions will receive a library valued at $5 and a loving cup.
    • 1909, The Loving Cup: original toasts by original folks, page 6:
      Good-fellowship is like a loving cup; it must be passed around to make it of value.
    • 1984, Winston Graham, The Loving Cup: a novel of Cornwall, 1813-1815, page 173:
      Harriet's aunt, Miss Darcy, had lost her father's signet ring, and a loving cup [...]

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