lung sick

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lung sick (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of lung-sick


lung sick (uncountable)

  1. (archaic, rare) Alternative form of lung-sickness
    • 1885, H. Rider Haggard, King Solomon's Mines, Bernhard Tauchnitz (publisher, 1886), page 42:
      As for “lung sick,” which is a dreadful form of pneumonia, very prevalent in this country, they [the oxen] had all been inoculated against it. This is done by cutting a slit in the tail of an ox, and binding in a piece of the diseased lung of an animal which had died of the sickness.
    • 1886, Emil Holub, letter, quoted in Philip J. Butler, letter to the editor, in Norman Lockyer (editor), Nature, Volume 35, Number 890 (1886 November 18), Macmillan and Co., page 54:
      [] a contagious disease broke out among my cattle; [] . Having shot one, the disease proved to be a contagious pleuro-pneumonia, similar to the ‘lung sick’ so prevalent in this neighborhood, affecting hips and shoulder-blades, causing lameness. [] we were surrounded by ‘lung-sick’ cattle dying near our encampment.
    • 1899, J. H. Shepherd, report, in Report of the Colonial Veterinary Surgeon and the Assistant Veterinary Surgeons, for the Year 1898, W. A. Richards & Sons, page 84:
      Lung sickness appeared at Toise River about this time. [] I certainly think that if affected animals with lung sick cannot be slaughtered on recovery they should be branded.