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A lusterware cup

Alternative forms[edit]


From luster +‎ -ware.


lusterware (countable and uncountable, plural lusterwares)

  1. A type of pottery having an iridescent metallic glaze
    • 1922, Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt, Chapter XXXIV, [1]
      Besides these hearty fellows, these salesmen of prosperity, there were the aristocrats, that is, the men who were richer or had been rich for more generations: the presidents of banks and of factories, the land-owners, the corporation lawyers, the fashionable doctors, and the few young-old men who worked not at all but, reluctantly remaining in Zenith, collected luster-ware and first editions as though they were back in Paris.
    • 1961, Freya Stark, Dust in the Lion's Paw: Autobiography 1939-1946, New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, Chapter 9, p. 172,
      The golden gates of Meshed have a rosy sheen, like lustre ware []
    • 2007 August 10, Wendy Moonan, “Newport Antiques (and Nantucket’s) in Summer Fair”, in New York Times[2]:
      In Nantucket, they sold most of their stock: [] English lusterware, an oak wall cupboard and a decorated leather sea trunk made in China.