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Blend of (hydro)lys(is) +‎ erg(ot) +‎ -ic (suffix forming adjectives from nouns).[1] Sense 2 (“psychedelic, trippy”) refers to the effects of taking the drug lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).



lysergic (not generally comparable, comparative more lysergic, superlative most lysergic)

  1. (not comparable, organic chemistry) Used in the designation of lysergic acid and lysergic acid diethylamide: produced by hydrolysis from ergot. [from 1930s]
  2. (comparable) Psychedelic, trippy.
    • 2000 December 26, Scott Seward, “Snowplow you bad elephant!”, in The Village Voice[1], archived from the original on 31 January 2018:
      The Doves' mantras of desolation are even trippier than the first couple Cranes records (though maybe not as lysergic as prime Swans or Ravens), []
    • 2010, Richard Henderson, Van Dyke Parks’ Song Cycle (33⅓ [series])‎[2], London: Continuum International Publishing Group, →ISBN, page 100:
      As mentioned earlier, my first impression of the sleeve art was that it bore marked similarity to a poetry collection – nothing very lysergic about that.
    • 2014 October 25, Marina O'Loughlin, “David Shrigley at Sketch, London W1 – restaurant review: ‘This might be the most absurd restaurant in the country. Is Jeff Koons cooking?’”, in The Guardian[3], London, archived from the original on 10 March 2017:
      On the evidence of this lysergic dish – blobs and pools of strident oddness, especially the mozzarella-topped gelée that tastes like the stuff left at the bottom of olive tins topped with organic foaming facewash – [David] Shrigley's better off sticking to the art.

Derived terms[edit]