métro, boulot, dodo

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Abbreviated from the last line of a 1951 poem by Pierre Béarn, collected in Couleurs d’usine (Factory colors):

Au déboulé garçon pointe ton numéro
Pour gagner ainsi le salaire
D’un morne jour utilitaire
Métro, boulot, bistro, mégots, dodo, zéro

Literal translation:

Rush in boy punch your number
Thus to earn the salary
Of a dreary utilitarian day
Metro, work, bistro, cigs, sleep, zero

Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): /me.tʁo.bu.lo.do.do/
  • (file)


métro, boulot, dodo (metro, work, sleep)

  1. metonymy for the everyday routine of a Parisian or more generally urban worker. Roughly, same old same old or also rat race.

Usage notes[edit]

The expression and the poem from which it is drawn are generally taken as critiques of the monotony of workaday life.