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magneti- +‎ -ferous, from magnet or magnetite


magnetiferous (comparative more magnetiferous, superlative most magnetiferous)

  1. (dated) Producing or conducting magnetism
    • 1989, Alberto Russo, Magnetic rotary locking and tensioning mechanism[1], US Patent 49745412, page 5:
      First, second and third base magnetiferous strips 70, 72 and 74 may be magnets. However, the inventor has found it more convenient to form these base magnetiferous strips of material that conducts magnetism and place between these strips two magnets 80, 82.
  2. (geology) Containing magnetite
    • 1910, William Shirley Bayley, Iron Mines and Mining in New Jersey[2], page 351:
      The ore is a richly magnetiferous Pochuck gneiss.
    • 1923, Josiah Edward Spur, The Ore Magmas[3], page 36:
      Observations by Ball and myself in Colorado show that in the case of magnetiferous granites, the magnetite was a mineral of the pegmatite stage.


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