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mal- +‎ feature


malfeature (plural malfeatures)

  1. A bad feature (cast or structure of anything, or of any part of a thing).
    • 1971, Robert B. Harris, "Are Trimarans Seaworthy?", in Motor Boating & Sailing, February 1971, page 61 [1]:
      One major malfeature of many present day trimarans is too much exposed window area.
    • 1986 July 15, Kaare Christian <kc@rna.UUCP>, "gps af malfeature", message-ID <518@rna.UUCP>, net.bugs, Usenet [2]:
      Questionable feature for af.
      Of interest to gps users on various Unix flavors.
    • 1991, Alan Jeffrey, "Abstract timed observation and process algebra", in, 1991, Jos C.M. Baeten and Jan Frisco Groote, editors, CONCUR '91 (proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Concurrency Theory, Amsterdam, 1991), Springer, →ISBN, page 333 [3]:
      This work is far from complete, and contains a number of malfeatures that are unfortunately hard-wired into the model.