mammy market

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Alternative forms[edit]


mammy market (plural mammy markets)

  1. (chiefly in Nigeria) a market attached to a barracks where products for soldiers are sold.
    • 2009 November 2, Akeem Oguntayo, “Edo Plans Ultramodern Market”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1], Daily Champion, retrieved 2009-11-22:
      South African partners successfully executed and turned the former Mammy Market at the Ikeja Military cantonment to an international ultra-modern market.
    • 2009 June 11, NWABUEZE OKONKWO, Onitsha, “To do business in Nigeria, act like wounded lion –Agbalizu, Igab Industrial boss”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[2], The Sun, retrieved 2009-11-22:
      ... you are not expected to look for petroleum products at Mammy market instead of NNPC or else, if you do that, you stand the risk of falling prey to fraudsters.
    • 2005 May 27, Maik Nwosu, “Ballad Of The Peace-Keeper - Poems by Maik Nwosu”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[3],, retrieved 2009-11-22:
      that dwarf: your mother with defeated nipples / she used to placate the lulls / with kolanuts at the 'mammy-market' / now it is tabasco for you